The United Republic of Tanzania



16 Dec, 2023
Deputy minister Kasekenya: Local contractors now can perform better
Deputy minister Kasekenya:  Local contractors now can perform better

The Deputy Minister of Works, Eng. Godfrey Kasekenya, has said that it is increasingly becoming evident to the Government that many local contractors are steadily getting better at implementing projects, including large-scale ones, TPJ can report.

The deputy minister revealed this insight recently during the ceremony for the East Africa Building and Construction Awards 2023, which was held in Dar es Salaam to promote innovative methods, construction quality, and competitiveness in all fields of building and construction in East Africa.

Eng. Kasekenya told the gathering that included representatives of African companies which participated in 20 categories, including contracting works, technology, construction materials, and consulting firms, that the Government, on realising that local contractors were performing better, expanded opportunities that were enshrined in public procurement law to further enable their participation in executing public projects.

Eng. Kasekenya also emphasized that contractors should strive to use good-quality building materials and other construction-related products produced in the country – a move that will do much in boosting local manufacturing capacity and the country’s economy.

“If you use substandard materials, you will not get the best structures for your employer….the government wants contractors to embrace use of good-quality materials and excellent execution of works” he said and called upon all construction stakeholders to provide good-quality services that fit into the entire construction chain.

Furthermore, Eng. Kasekenya urged Tanzanians to cultivate a culture of using professionals in designing and implementing their projects to ensure good-quality and safety. “If you don't use professionals, you may incur losses in the long run," said the deputy minister.

The East Africa Building and Construction Awards, which this year attracted over 500 companies, aims to increase competitiveness among the region’s stakeholders in the construction industry and to promote the delivery of good-quality services throughout the industry.

For Year 2023, Arab Contractors Company won the award for best contracting company in the field of hydropower projects, for its work on the 2115 MW Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant & Dam Project, which is being implemented at Stigler’s Gorge across Rufiji River in Pwani Region.