Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Deputy Minister for Water JumaaAweso has pointed a finger of blame at the designer of a water project at Gwata Village in Morogoro Districtafter he was briefed that the project may not meet its objective due to the inadequacy of the source of water, TPJ has learnt.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Water recently, Mr. Awesodoubted the feasibility of the project after he heard Morogoro District’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (RUWASA) Manager, Eng.  Grace Lyimo, read from the report that the expected source of water for the project at Chalinze was not sufficient to serve Gwata villagers.

The doubts of the deputy minister on the project that is nearing completion after consuming TZS 261 million prompted him to direct the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau to investigate the project and interrogate its designer - Don Consult Company even though the contractor, Ms.Kumba Quality Co. Ltd,was finalizing construction of two tanks and installing the pipelines to distribute water.

The statement quoted the Deputy Minister as saying he had been saddened by the situation, which he blamed on poor design and directed (RUWASA) officials to assess the project and rectify it. Mr. Awesoconsequently warned contractors against launching construction of any infrastructures for water projects without first convincing themselves of availability of reliable water source.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Director of Water Supply and Sanitation Eng. MkamaBwirealso faulted the design of the project and pledged to work alongside RUWASA experts in looking for an alternative source of water.

Morogoro District Commissioner Regina Chonjohad earlier asked the deputy minister to find a lasting solution to the project expected to serve 2,509 villagers.

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