Thursday, February 27, 2020
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The irrigation scheme at Nanganga in Ruangwa District, Lindi Region, has joined a list of projects where the Government has failed to realise value for money due to delays attributed to the contractor undertaking the works, TPJ has learnt.

This came to light recently after the Minister for Agriculture Mr. Japhet Hasunga paid a visit to the project which is yet to be completed despite two extensions granted, forcing him to give an ultimatum to the contractor that work be completed within 23 days or appropriate action would be taken against them, according to a statement issued on 12 December, 2019.

Mr. Hasunga issued the order after inspecting construction of infrastructures for the scheme covering 300 hectares, whose completion was scheduled for July 2, 2019 following the second extension.

The project, among others, involves construction of a 525 metres canal and is one of 16 projects under Small Scale Irrigation Development Project Third Phase (SSIDP III) being implemented by the Government and overseen by the National Irrigation Commission.

“We granted the contractor five-month extension and then one more month to complete the project as requested, but he has failed to deliver in time. I think he is playing with us, which we will not allow,’ he warned, adding that legal action could be taken should the contractor fail to honour the deadline.

He said many such irrigation schemes across the country are not completed in time and contractors are mostly to blame as the Government has been fulfilling its obligations, including ensuring funds were available.

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