Thursday, February 27, 2020
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The government has directed public entities to adopt and use e-procurement or risk suspension from conducting procurement, TPJ has learnt.

Speaking during the opening of the 7th Annual Procurement Governance Workshop on July 24, 2019 in Arusha, Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr. Ashatu Kijaji directed the Public Procurement Regulatory to submit to the ministry names of entities that fail to comply.

Dr. Kijaji was emphatic in highlighting the Government’s resolve towards use of the system that is expected to cover all procuring entities this year in an effort to enhance transparency and stem loss of taxpayer’s money, which was been misused by unfaithful servants in public procurement dealings.

“It is imperative for all procuring entities to start using the new system from this financial year, as severe action will be taken against those who are still hesitating to do so,” she said.

“This is the most appropriate means of carrying out procurement activities in all government entities as it is secure and will help stem various loop holes that lead to misprocurement,” the minister said and urged the workshop participants of the 3-day workshop to point out challenges in the procurement law that need to be addressed.

Speaking earlier, PPRA’s Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Leonard Kapongo, said the intervention of the Authority through special audits in some procuring entities saved public funds totaling 46.9 billion/-, which could have gone to waste.

Eng. Kapongo said the Authority could have saved more money if it had human and financial resources to enable it cover all public entities totaling 540 instead of only 100 entities it currently covers annually.

According to the CEO, the performance of PPRA is also hampered by some procuring entities that do not submit information related to their procurement such as annual procurement plans and tender opportunities as required by the law. 

The 3-day workshop that took place in Arusha was second of the 7th Annual Procurement Governance Workshop, which was preceded by a 2-day workshop in Dar es Salaam for chairmen, members of board of directors and accounting officers.

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