Saturday, July 04, 2020
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Local contractors in the country have complained against what they see as bias against them when public institutions award contracts for big projects to foreign companies even when there was evidence to support awarding those contracts to local bidders, TPJ has learnt.

Speaking to the media in Dar es Salaam recently during the 2018 Contractors’ Day, the Chairman of Contractors Association of Tanzania (CATA), Eng. Lawrence Mwakyambiki, said although many local contractors face challenges such as lack of capital and low capacity, there were some who could implement big public projects competitively to match or outperform foreign companies.

“Some tender legibility criteria also discriminate against local contractors,” said Eng. Mwakyambiki and called upon the Government to put in place what he called a conducive environment for the establishment of reliable capital sources for local contractors such as a contractor’s guarantee fund and a law that forces clients to adhere to payment bonds to protect contractors against possible payment defaulters”.

The CATA Chairman further called for a review of procurement law and the engineers registration act to provide for integration of local contractors into projects executed by foreign contractors to at least 30 percent of the project value.

“There is [also] a need for the government to initiate experimental projects elsewhere similar to those initiated by Tanroads, to facilitate opportunities for local contractors through preferential tender awards in those projects,” he said.

The annual contractors’ day event, which brought together about 100 participants from ten regions, heard the praise of director of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation Executive (TPSF), Godfrey Simbeye, on the contribution of the construction sector to the country’s economic wellbeing which he called irrefutable.

In a speech which was read on his behalf by the TPSF Director of Membership Services, Luis Accaro, Mr. Simbeye said, “it is the construction sector in collaboration with other players that produces all the social and economic infrastructures including roads, railways and different buildings that we see around”.


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