Friday, January 15, 2021
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The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) is mandated by the Public Procurement Act, 2011 to oversee public procurement practices in Tanzania.

One of the functions of PPRA as provided by section 9(f) of the Act is to organize and maintain a system for publication of information on public procurement opportunities, awards and any other related information of public interest.

In recognizing the benefits of ICTs, PPRA is making efforts to develop ICT-based Information Systems for collecting, storing and sharing public procurement information with stakeholders. Systems so far developed includes Website, Tender Portal, Tender Alert Service, Procurement Forum and Procurement Management Information System (PMIS).

System Overview

PMIS is a tool to facilitate exchange of information between PPRA and Procuring Entities (PEs). PMIS support the System for Checking and Monitoring of Procurement activities by enabling online submission of Annual Procurement Plans (APP), monthly reports and Checklist forms. Using the systems requires registration. Registered users are assigned Username and Password.

The System has the following main functional features:-

  • Online submission of information… APP, Checklists and progress reports.
  • Storage of information using database technology
  • Sharing of information through generation of reports

Requirements to use PMIS

For PMIS to work, the following are necessary requirements:

  • A computer with a web application browser.
  • User with basic computer skills. i.e Internet browsing.
  • Internet connection.
  • Username and Password

PMIS Architecture

Implementation Status

PMIS had been critically reviewed in 2015/2016 to accommodate new legislative, technological and other functional requirements. Since then, the reviewed system is being operationalized throughout the country, in which case, by the end of the first quarter 2017/2018, the following is the implementation status as of 30th September, 2017;

893 PE officers from 502 PEs have already been trained on how the system works
502 PEs have already been registered into the system
1388 PE officers have already been registered into the system

Way forward

The Authority is apparently in the process of implementing the full fledged eProcurement System which will cover all aspects of procurement processes and transactions in which the PMIS will be an integral part of the system

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